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Development Links

DeepSpace’s OPENSOURCE code is moving to GitHub. The link below will be active as soon as we have completed a public consumable build. We are working hard to make sure all our source code has the appropriate licenses attached and that all our new features work as advertised. We have over 600ksloc to work thru.

Right now you can access the code through our rpm server. Link is available in the install document found here:

Main project code (DeepSpace)

Information on issue tracking, project statistics, and build status can be found on the Forum page.

Resources: End-Users / Integrators & OEM

DeepSpace for End-Users / Integrators

Incorporate some or all of DeepSpace’s features as needed in your data center.

  • Learn how your data is being used with DS’s extensive reporting capabilities
  • Add media as capacity needs increase
  • Use cloud storage efficiently and manage costs
  • Automatically migrate data off old media onto your new storage or cloud
  • Deploy clients as your workflow requires without additional costs
  • Protect your data without buying expensive applications and point solutions
  • Consolidate your applications and conserve precious OPEX and training budgets

DeepSpace for OEM’s

Create value by extending your system’s capabilities or incorporate into a cost effective solution:

  • Partner with DeepSpace to create unmatched capabilities for your system
    • Custom integration creates a seamless experience for your users
    • Drive revenue by expanding portfolio of available capabilities
  • Scale beyond the box or appliance
    • Add legacy media support
    • Automated tiering to cost effective media
      • Add performance and/or capacity
Resources: Example Architectures

Home / Small Office

DeepSpace can be installed and used in small systems where removable media is required to protect important files. All files on media are cataloged and indexed so you know where your files are. With the QR label capabilities, see what is on a tape without having to load it.

Home / Small Office

Small Office / Department

Share data with a centralized system.

Small Office / Department

Central Office / Data Center

Central Office / Data Center

Multi-Data Center

Multi-Data Center