You will need to load this table for extension lookup

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You will need to load this table for extension lookup

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Under the menu for creating 'File Filter', under 'New', one option is to create a 'Filter Template'. A filter template is a list of file extensions that create a list of matching files by type. The idea is you can for example create a template for office type documents by selecting the category of application, then the specific applications you use and save all of those to a list, the actual extension is matched to the application so you don't have to know it. Once a template is created, you can attach an arbitrary number of user id's or group id's so you now have data disaggregated by the list of applications in the template, and the file's ownership.

But none of this works until the "EXTENSIONS" table is loaded. So download this link download/file.php?id=17
and install it with:

mysql -u sms -p smsdb < extensions_table.sql
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