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Some notes on things that should be there but aren't (yet).
  • Number 1 is we don't handle rm and mv events, because they only exist in 5.0 and later kernels. We started with RHEL and Centos because they seemed the most likely distro's that would run on enterprise systems and want enterprise support from us. Of course RHEL 7 is running a 3.10 kernel and RHEL 8 is 4.18, so they need to be patched to current fanotify library capabilities before we can get the events. At one time I toyed with the idea of aliasing these command with some code that would update our RDBMs tables, but this is dubious in practice, so we're going to drop the idea and concentrate on getting a port working on another distro with a newer kernel, then we'll add rm and mv functionality there.
  • Next is archiving Status, we had a page that allowed turning archiving on and off at a host or file system level. Updates that improved other things broke this, so we're pulling it till we get the updates out for adding client hosts. That code is mostly done, but needs more testing. So we'll do both in the same release. In the mean time, under hosts tab there is a place to set the "Maximum Number of DM Procs" or something to that effect. DM Procs are data movers, so you can stop processing the archive queue by entering zero there.
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