Announcing our first community release

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Announcing our first community release

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Everyone - We're releasing DeepSpace CDS and SMS to the community for download and trials in non-production environments. We are still working on the enterprise version that we hope to be able to release soon. Some notes:
  • The complete sources will be available soon, we should be able to get the UI sources out in a few weeks, then we'll start pushing out SMS and CDS sources.
  • The UI is not the enterprise version, that is a work in progress, this is the engineering version. I call it the Christmas tree because we added features as they were developed and just hung them like ornaments. It shows. The enterprise version will be much more immersive and will allow you to click into progressively greater levels of detail in monitoring what is going on
  • This version was tested to over 20 million files and over 50 managed file systems so it should be fairly robust enough to kick the tires, but it is still a "use at your own risk" proposition.
We suggest you start by reading the two documents that describe the CDS and SMS subsystems

Next is for people who have a ceph cluster available to use for archival storage, the ceph Quick Start Guide will get you through the basic install.

And finally these links are to a series of roughly 30 minute video that show how to install and use the system, none of these are even close to professional productions, but they will suffice for the time being:

Video 1 is a video that follows the installation process using the Quick Start Guide: ... ide-1.html

Video 2 picks up where 1 leaves off, basic configuration, and the data management lifecycle (you'll want to set the playback resolution on this one to 1080 or better): ... ide-2.html

Video 3 shows off some of the features we wanted to include in the first release (Again, playback resolution on this one to 1080 or better) ... ide-3.html

Video 4 is a brief history of the project and a couple slides where I discuss the CDS and SMS architectures along with HSM processes with some use cases. ... cture.html

The DeepSpace team is excited about this release and the value we hope you see in it. We look forward in working with you and adding more and more resources as we grow..

Additional documents for setting up a tape libraries will be added soon followed by how to set up a client host configuration.

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