Store It. Find It. Control It. Protect It.


One Storage Manager

DeepSpace is a common object repository for ALL data and is independent from the data creators. Heterogeneous File System Policy Engines allow native file system access to repository data while maintaining the file system’s unique view of the data pool.


Automated Storage Tiering.

Policy based data movement between the available tiers of storage. DeepSpace can interface with NVME, All Flash Arrays, SSD, Spinning Disk (15k, 10k, 7.2k, 5.4k), Automated Tape Libraries, Blu-ray Juke Boxes, USB drives and power control hard drives.


Secure Storage

DeepSpace can be implemented with industry standard encryption at rest and on the fly depending on your requirements.


Searchable Storage

DeepSpace has rich metadata tagging that allows users or applications to search DeepSpace for files.


Performance & Scale

Most storage systems make you chose scalable storage OR performance based storage. DeepSpace is a flexible architecture allowing for both performance tiers for active data and cost effective archive tiers.


Content Aware Storage

DeepSpace ingests, sorts and stores your data defined by rules which can be based on file extensions, application type, host, user or other metadata tagging so your data is available where and when you need it.


Information Life Cycle Management

Fully ILM capable with granular rules to manage your data from creation to expiration.


Automated Data Migration

Policy defined migration from one media type to another or between volumes.


Media Management

DeepSpace manages media based on type and function. Rules dictate how and when media is used or retired. Create simple or complex media type rules that defines interaction for SDS (software defined storage) or other media preparation routines (power off media, load tapes, wipe a drive before removing from system, etc…).

Galaxy Scale Storage Capacity

Down to Earth Prices